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Rank Team/League User Points
1Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueGrayhound77
2Lifeless Lionshlagorio76
3Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguebustin KAPS76
4Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueTommy176
5Texas LeagueQ76
6Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueTenburo76
7Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leagueongeria75
8Thompson's RockBT14675
9Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueTX Land Shark75
11Family Challangelazygranch75
12Greg's CrewTwomile75
13Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguejeff12374
14Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguehall515200274
17The Qor DOE pick'em poolBennies2874
18Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguekingpenn8874
20Brittany Spears is a WHORE!King Swami74