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Rank Team/League User Points
1Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguethezou15183
2Walsh County BankersThe A Squad183
3Charger LeagueEric2016182
4Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueBridget826182
5Boobies for President but not Hilary'sMaRLeY182
6Asylum RejectsDallas811181
7Stay Goldrob_salas180
9Our Family PicksRich2.0180
11Family foozeballJunot50179
12Rocky's LeagueSni34179
13Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguejoefro179
14SMP FriendsMichaelkrueckeberg179
15Rug menBulldill33179
16truck servicekerwin_penny179
17Bulldogs 2016Doctor Strange179
19Die Boys NFLTrannel8998178
20Walsh County BankersRyerstark178